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Looking To See If You Qualify for Medical Marijuana In Canada? If So…. We Can Help

Medical Marijuana improves quality of life in patients with diagnosed conditions

At Marijuana Access Canada, we advocate the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes on the belief that all patients deserve good quality of life. Patients report positive feedback with regards to the relief provided by safe consumption of medical marijuana for a wide variety of conditions.

Mission Statement

Our core belief is to

help repair and heal our world  –  and to alleviate the suffering of people with a multitude of grave and debilitating health issues

Our primary focus is to continually exceed patients’ expectations by being sensitive and compassionate to their medical conditions and needs:

  • By providing patients with access to highly qualified physicians and the licensed producers who can provide the purest grades of quality strains of medical marijuana, specific to their diverse medical conditions, we are committed to enriching and improving the quality of life for all patients.
  • By providing utmost standards of excellence in service through our group of dedicated physicians, patients will be assessed throughout Canada to ascertain their suitability into the Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) program, which sets the parameters for legal use of medical marijuana for various serious medical conditions.
  • By ensuring that eligible patients will meet with physicians either through a confidential tele-medicine consultation, or meet with doctors in person, depending on location. Our medical doctors evaluate patient suitability through thorough review of patients’ medical records.
  • By being on the leading edge of the medical cannabis industry and technology.

If you’re considering medical marihuana for treatment, rest assured that our network of healthcare practitioners will treat you with compassion, dignity and respect

Find out more information about booking an appointment with one of our physicians at:

Tel: 1-844-518-7845
Website: MarijuanaAccessCanada.Com