Delta 9 Bio-Tech

We're proud to offer Canada's largest variety of cannabis strains

Delta 9 Bio-Tech is committed to creating and producing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products with sustainable and standardized production practices.

We will strive to provide our clients with friendly customer service, ongoing educational materials, fast delivery and a compassionate care program.

Our goal is to raise the profile of cannabis as medicine, bridging the gap between anecdotal benefits and evidence based medicine.

Delta 9 Bio Tech was founded in 2013 by the father and son duo of Bill and John Arbuthnot. To this day, the company remains a private, family-oriented operation focused on growing small batch, hand trimmed, high quality cannabis strains. Delta 9 received its license to grow medical cannabis (MC) from Health Canada in Dec. 2013 followed by its license to distribute MC in April 2014. Since that time the company has grown from 2 employees to 25.

Delta 9 has a rotation of approximately 15 different strains that are continuously available to our patients, with a commitment to always having our signature, award-winning Sativa strain, Super Lemon Haze. As our growing capacity increases over the next 6-9 months, we intend to re-introduce several more strains from our current genetics supply of over 60 unique strains, several of which are from global cannabis pioneers such as Serious Seeds and the Green House Seed Co.

Delta 9 has recently transitioned its growing/production practices from geoponic (grown in soil) to hydroponic (grown in water). This change has produced significant results in terms of both quality and quantity of our products. As the usage of MC continues to increase and the legalization of marijuana is scheduled for 2017, Delta 9 is poised to position itself as an industry leader in the Canadian marketplace, bringing jobs and economic growth to Manitoba.

Delta 9 is currently in the build-out phase of its business plan. This stage of growth includes immediate expansion from our current usage of only 15,000 sq. ft. into our entire 80,000 sq. ft. licensed facility. An additional 70,000 sq. ft. in an adjacent building is also available for future growth.

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