RedeCan Pharm

RedeCan Pharm is a family owned and operated licensed commercial producer of medical cannabis located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula. We are offering competitive pricing and a wide range of varieties.

From Our Family to Yours

RedeCan Pharm is a family owned and operated business in the heart of the beautiful Niagara escarpment. With more than 30 years of experience in agriculture, we are pleased to grow top quality medical marihuana as a licensed producer under the MMPR for a wide range of patients in the local community and nationwide. We aim to make our customers feel like a part of our family. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers with the best quality product alongside friendly support to assist you in your medical needs. Customer service and satisfaction is a number one priority and we will work relentlessly to ensure that all our patients always have a positive experience.

Our facility is a state of the art greenhouse. The utilization of natural sunlight allows us to produce the best quality cannabis, along with a very strict sanitation and quality assurance program. We strive to deliver our patients the best quality cannabis possible at an affordable price. We realize that not everyone can afford to pay high prices for their medicine. That is why RedeCan Pharm offers affordable pricing for a high quality product with lots of variety so that our patients can still afford to receive their medicine which helps them function on a day to day basis. At RedeCan Pharm you are a part of our family!

We look forward to helping you with all your needs!

“Think about a seed. Once it lands, it’s stuck. It can’t move to find better soil, moisture or sunlight. It’s able to create every part of itself to grow and reproduce with the help of air, water and SUN.”
David Suzuki

About Our Facility

Our facility is a state of the art greenhouse.  Growing in a controlled environment with automatic environmental controls for temperature, humidity, light levels and irrigation allow us to grow a premium product.  You cannot beat natural sunlight!

We have a very strict policy on cleanliness, sanitary conditions and production practices.  Patient safety and a quality product are at the top of our priority list.

  • All plants are fed with clean, fresh water from a deep well.
  • All staff wear protective clothing, facility specific shoes that are not warn beyond our facility doors, rubber gloves, hair nets and masks.
  • No pesticides are used.  All controls are done through biological controls such as beneficial insects like ladybugs or pest specific biologicals.
  • All strains are labelled under lot and batch numbers for strict record keeping and quick recalls if necessary.
  • All strains are lab tested for THC and CBD levels, pesticides, residues, heavy metals, bacteria among others tests.

Packaging and Labeling

All patients will receive their medicine in a sealed, child proof container.  All packaging will have proper labeling, shipped by a trusted courier service and traced through the delivery.

For more information, please visit the RedeCan Pharm website.