Marijuana Starting Materials – Seeds & Clones
(The licensed producers listed below are authorized to sell genetic starting materials to registered ACMPR patients.)

THC BioMed – Genetic Strains

MariCann – Live Genetics

Canna Farms – Live Cannabis Plants

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. (WMMC) – Live Genetics

Tweed – HomeGrow Seed Collection

Delta 9 Bio-Tech – Cannabis Starting Materials

Peace Naturals – Cannabis Clones

WeedMD – Live Cannabis Plant

There are several licensed producers that are gearing up to provide starting materials to authorized medical marijuana patients.

Check back soon to find the full listings in our directory.

The New (ACMPR) Regulations

On August 24, 2016, Health Canada introduced the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Under the ACMPR, authorized patients can choose to purchase their medical marijuana from licensed producers (like the previous MMPR), grow for themselves, or designate a grower (like the former MMAR).

Patients interested in medical marijuana must get a medical document from an authorized health care professional, which specifies a period of use (up to 1 year), and the daily recommended quantity of marijuana in grams.

For those interested in home growing or designating a grower, authorized patients with a doctor’s prescription must register with Health Canada.  Click here to find information on registration and application forms.

Canadians that choose to grow their own medical marijuana must operated under legal parameters set by Health Canada. This includes registration with Health Canada, adherence to set plant limits depending on personal prescription amounts, as well as possession and storage limits.

Once Health Canada has approved a medical marijuana patient to grow their own or designate someone to do so – on their behalf, starting material, such as seeds and clones must be purchased from a licensed producer.