Phytochemicala analysis and natural product consultancy

Science at your service

Laboratoire PhytoChemia is the trusted partner you are looking for to guarantee the quality of all your products containing vegetal ingredients. We are specialized in standardization and chemical quality control of natural products with medicinal, cosmetic and alimentary properties.

Canadian certification for the analysis of medical cannabis

Since 2014, PhytoChemia is certified by Health Canada to perform quality control for medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp for producers (MMPR), dispensaries and patient under the MMAR.

With our dynamic and highly trained staff, here is what we offer to our customers:

  • Complete analysis of essential oils and other volatile products. We are proud to be the Canadian leaders in the aera;
  • Dosage of active ingredients or marker compounds in raw materials or transformed products, as well as conformity analyses according to your needs;
  • Detection of contaminants (parabens, pesticides, synthetic agents…);
  • Scientific literature reviews on general or specific topics.

More than Analyses: Advices

The world of natural products chemistry can at time be complex. We are committed to guiding our customers so that they can fully understand the data that we provide them with. Popularization is a priority for us. In this regard:

  • We offer advisory services tailored to your needs before and after each of your analyses;
  • We can support you in the development of new products (business ideas, literature reviews, and process optimization);
  • Our professional network helps us putting you in touch with the resources you need to fulfill your objectives;
  • We offer trainings for your associations or organizations, on request.          

Your challenges are ours

Every contract is equally important to us. We are proud to develop custom methods of analyses tailored to your innovative products. We look forward to establish long-term partnerships with individuals, small businesses and large companies alike. Our customers, in Canada and elsewhere, are assured of receiving personalized monitoring, fueled by our enthusiasm of putting science at your service.

For more information, please visit the Laboratoire Phytochemia website.

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