Cultivated With Love.

Grown by cannabis enthusiasts like you. For people like us.

We grow it. We get it.

We’re just like you. Either by chance, fate or on the advice of a physician, we discovered the amazing medical benefits of cannabis. It rejuvenates us in the morning, helps us sleep better at night, lessens our anxiety and makes the pain go away. That’s why we created Emblem. Together we can celebrate feeling whole, and a whole lot better than before. We’re not a giant, disconnected corporation. We’re a team of passionate growers carefully tending batches of the world’s finest cannabis strains, widely regarded for their efficacy, flavour and effect. We cultivate these strains into medical products that enhance your well-being, helping you transform your life and attain extraordinary health. Join us, for better living.

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Northville Drive
Brant N3L ON CA
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Hours: 7am-7pm EST