Medical Marijuana, One of the Hot Button Issues to be at the Forefront of the Largest Pharmacist Conference in the Country



By Marijuana.Ca Staff on June 21, 2016

The future is certainly here, when issues such as assisted dying, medical marijuana, use and misuse of opioids are among some of the hot button topics to be addressed at this month's Canadian Pharmacists Conference.  The conference will be hosted by both the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and the Alberta Pharmacists' Association (RxA). 

It is good to see critically important issues such as these being presented at the Canadian Pharmacists Conference.  Countless Canadians with significant health problems have found themselves fighting in court systems to have their needs met, and their voices heard.  

Take for example, the medical marijuana issue.  The marijuana plant has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, yet the stigma surrounding this plant is still prevalent in Canadian society due to the prohibition.  This has caused enormous suffering to medical marijuana patients due to stringent laws and regulations, lack of research, and the lack of knowledge that many healthcare professionals have about the pharmacology, dosing, and medical utility of the marijuana plant.  Not to mention the stigma associated with using marijuana, even as a medicine.

With the conference addressing issues such as these, the potential to advance patient care for Canadians can launch Canada as a world leader in innovative pharmacy care for patients. 

The conference will be held in Calgary, Alberta from June 24-27, 2016 and will feature more than 50 sessions during the four-day period.

Here are some key points mentioned in the Canadian Pharmacists Conference press release:

"The conference program has been designed to showcase innovative pharmacy leaders and provide delegates with learning opportunities on the critical topics facing our health care system today," said Carlo Berardi, Chair, Canadian Pharmacists Association. "Speakers and conference sessions will tackle a diverse range of key subjects and highlight the growing opportunities for advanced pharmacy practice across the country."

Among the topics to be addressed at the conference:

  • Assisted Dying - The issue of medical assistance in dying has been a hotly debated topic within the healthcare community and with the general public. Participants will hear from panelists who will explore issues that are particularly relevant to the profession, including practice, legal and ethical considerations.
  • Medical Marijuana - In an environment with a changing regulatory framework, medical marijuana is a topic of increasing significance in Canada. This session will address various issues related to the pharmacology of medical marijuana to enhance pharmacists' understanding and ability to respond to related queries.
  • Opioid Addiction and Inappropriate Use - As media attention on opioid use and addiction continues, pharmacists are among those who are often consulted on this widely discussed issue. This session is aimed to equip pharmacists with the most up-to-date information on opioids.

"This year's conference is truly a reflection of changing times as it not only explores relevant topics, but also presents new platforms and formats that will enable delegates to identify and apply best practices and lessons from dozens of top health care leaders," said Jimy Mathews, President, Alberta Pharmacists' Association. "The conference will certainly go a long way in sharing valuable information that will ultimately benefit the patients who turn to their pharmacists for health care services and advice each and every day across Canada."

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