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Toronto police sweep through pot dispensaries as part of citywide crackdown on illegal trafficking

Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu said officers executed several simultaneous search warrants starting at noon Thursday at “various locations that have been identified as trafficking in marijuana outside of the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation.”
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After marijuana raids, a protest and an explanation by the police

Toronto police are expected to provide more information on Friday after sweeping raids on Thursday targeted marijuana dispensaries around the city. A protest will be held near police headquarters, condemning the raids. The protest by marijuana advocates is expected to begin at 10 a.m. Police Chief Mark Saunders is expected to speak about the raids, dubbed Project Claudia, at 10:30 a.m.
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Toronto City Councillor Jim Karygiannis says he wants to stop the city’s crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Instead of shutting them down, I think we can certainly go and caution them and make sure that we move quickly in order to have rules and regulations to standardize them.”
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Dispensary lawyer, Kirk Tousaw:

“To the extent that the zoning law is a prohibition based on the fact that it’s a dispensary, I say that that’s unconstitutional,” Mr. Tousaw said at a press conference at Toronto’s city hall. “… If you are in a retail zone, and you are operating a retail business, and the only problem is that it’s ‘illegal,’ pursuant to federal law, I say that federal law is unconstitutional and the Charter trumps. And that’s the end of the story.”
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Marijuana.Ca comment: Clearly, there is an urgency for all levels of government and related ministries to be proactive, decisive and inclusive in making wise and compassionate decisions in the coming weeks and months. It is very important that a wide range of stakeholders are included in the current and upcoming discussions around both Medical Marijuana and the upcoming Legalization of Recreational Marijuana for Adult Use.

All levels of government and related ministries need to raise the level of priority and urgency assigned to addressing the key issues related to both the Medical and Recreational aspects of Marijuana.

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Patients' Voices

Marijuana (CBD Hemp Oil) Saves Infants Life - By Erin McDonald

Little Sadie Higuera is a model for what it means to fight for one’s life. She’s a testament for what hope and bravery can accomplish in a moment of utmost desperation and she’s living proof of the efficacy of a little green plant we know as cannabis. She’s a gorgeous child with a beautiful heart and we’d like to share her story with you.

Last year Sadie’s parents, Brian and Damaris, sat before their daughter’s neurologist, heads spinning… Did she really just say that? Is this it? Are we going to lose our little girl? Since the day she was born, doctors and family members knew that Sadie’s life was a fragile one and 3 months after that day, she experienced her first grand mal seizure, but that was just the beginning of a turn for the worse. Soon, she was experiencing upwards of 300 seizures a day, many of which were uncontrollable to the point of her having to be resuscitated. She came under the supervision of 13 specialists, a grocery bag full of trial medications, and yet nothing was working.

As Brian sat before us recalling the moment that he and his wife heard those words uttered from their doctor’s lips that there were no more options for their daughter, it was a darkness that silence could not come close to paralleling, but it was a moment that lasted only a quick second because Brian was not done telling Sadie’s story and Sadie is still here with us today. How?

That day, Sadie’s neurologist had offered her parents a ‘final’ option – a medication that would improve her quality of life and alleviate some of her suffering, but would likely kill her in only two short months. She told Brian he’d be a hero for Sadie, but on the way home from the hospital that day, Brian made a decision that would save his daughter’s life. He had his own idea of how to be a hero for Sadie. Brian Higuera decided to look into medical marijuana.

Brian returned home that day with a tube of hemp-derived CBD oil from another local San Diego-based company called HempMeds and went to his daughter’s side. Damaris had left the house, anxious about the results the medicine would have on her child. “I gave her a dose of the oil and after only 20 minutes, her eyes stopped twitching. 20 minutes later, I gave her another dose and her body stopped twitching. I couldn’t believe it,” said Sadie’s father. Damaris soon returned home, silently darting her eyes across her husband’s face searching for signs about how the trial had gone for their little one.

She walked into the room, took one look at Sadie and grasped her close to heart. “I have my little girl back!” Imagine that for a moment.

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Friday May 27th, 2016 

Medical Marijuana For Pets? It’s No Joke

Amanda Reiman of Drug Policy Alliance tells The Guardian that her cat, Monkey, was relieved of the pain associated with her terminal intestinal cancer after Reiman started mixing tiny amounts of cannabis oil into her food. She acknowledges the seeming absurdity of medical marijuana for pets - but recalls a not-so-distant time when medical marijuana for humans was similarly dismissed as ridiculous. 
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Canada - Protect kids when Marijuana is Legalized

Legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do, but we must ensure that our children don’t become victims in the process.
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The 5 Best Marijuana Jobs

The marijuana industry is growing quickly and just as quickly gaining wider societal acceptance. As such, more people are looking at the cannabis industry as a career choice. Some of the jobs are little out of the ordinary, but that’s probably what draws many workers interested in cannabis jobs. Whether they worked with marijuana in the black market or just want an alternative to the standard cubicle job, thousands are trying to get in.

Cannabis company Terra Tech Corp.  recently held a job fair in Las Vegas. They ran a quarter page ad and expected about 200 people to show up. They got 2,000 instead. “Most people just want to get into the space,” said CEO Derek Peterson. “They believe in the product.” Peterson said a lot of people came without any experience and since the jobs are unique, they tried to pair existing skills with new job requirements.

Swiss scientists create cannabis e-cigarette

Swiss scientists have created a cannabis e-cigarette, intended for medical use, that is safer than a joint and better than a pill, they said on Thursday. "Therapeutic cannavaping", they argued, should be examined as an alternative to existing medical treatments which can come in the form of a syrup, pill, mouth spray, skin patch, suppository, or a plain-old spliff.
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California - North Coast marijuana growers fear a takeover by 'Big Alcohol'

For some veteran growers in the North Coast, the requirement to sell to distributors looked like the corporate seed to their destruction. They would operate like the alcohol industry, where Budweiser and Miller have ruled since Prohibition, where beer, bourbon or wine makers can sell their products only through state-licensed brokers, who then sell to stores.

HEMP - Eco find: Foster Naturals’ orange oil–infused spray leaves surfaces shining

Foster Naturals is the latest B.C.–born company to hit the green cleaning scene, and we’re digging the brand’s lineup of sustainably produced, vegan, and biodegradable home, beauty, and pet-care products. From tough-on-grease lemon-lime dish soap to hemp- and sage-infused shampoo, each cleaner harnesses the power of plant- and coconut-derived ingredients to leave bodies and surfaces shining.
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The International Cannabinoid Research Society 2014 - Cannabis News Network

Published on Jul 10, 2014
Top scientists from all over the world gathered together in the small Italian town Baveno to talk about the latest on medicinal cannabis. Welcome to Cannabis News Network. 

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Featured Licensed Producer


Canna Farms is pleased to announce our new line of fully-decarboxylated Cannabis Oils!

Based on client feedback and our own research, we are initially offering the following product our clients in 25 and 50 mL containers, outfitted with a child-proof eye-dropper for discrete, standardized dosing:

  1. CANNA OIL 20|0 - This is our THC infused oil with approximately 20 mg of THC in every mL
  2. CANNA OIL 2|10 - This is our CBD infused oil with approximately 10 mg of CBD and 2 mg THC in every mL

In the coming weeks and months we will be releasing other oil formulations with varying levels of THC and CBD, based on client feedback and our own research and development. Stay tuned!
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Below, we link to the job pages of Licensed Producers (LPs). If an LP does not have a jobs page, we link to their home page, where you can find out more information about the company and contact them. To increase your likelihood of getting hired, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the various companies that are in the space, as they each have their own unique approach and culture.






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Canadian Licensed Producers

The Licensed Producers listed below, grow and sell a wide range of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.  Please visit the product page on the Licensed Producer's website to learn more about their respective strains.  There is important and useful information about strain types and the THC & CBD levels contained within each strain.

Each particular strain has a unique combination of both THC and CBD levels (for example, high THC & low CBD, high CBD & low THC, mid THC & mid CBD, among others), which may be suitable for particular ailments. * Marijuana.Ca will soon be offering support and an online signup process to make it easier for patients to sign up with a Licensed Producer, or to switch to a different Licensed Producer.



Tweed's industry leading strain assortment and product lines are as diverse as the customers who use them. With Tweed's Flagship Strain Guarantee you get the peace of mind that your medicine will always be in stock.

Tweed Strains



At Bedrocan we have been growing cannabis for two decades. Over 20,000 patients and governments across seven countries trust our reliability and commitment to integrity. And that commitment can’t stop just with standardized products. Medicine must be affordable.

Bedrocan Strains



Aurora's award winning support staff, culture minded cultivators, laboratory tested products, affordable pricing, and network of cannabis educated doctors are guaranteed to help remove barriers to access. Aurora Cannabis is a community minded, Canadian owned and operated company.

Aurora Strains


Our facility is located in Leamington, Ontario, which gives us a growing advantage in our greenhouse. As Canada’s southernmost point, Leamington has one of the longest growing seasons in the country, and is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses nationwide. Aphria is perfectly situated to provide quality natural products that benefit from the many benefits of natural light.

Aphria Strains


Mettrum™ is a Health Canada licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis products, committed to ongoing research, quality production, and superior client service. With decades of combined expertise in the agri-pharma, distribution and technology industries, Mettrum has made educating and resourcing physicians and their patients across Canada a top priority.


Mettrum Strains 



MedReleaf is a Canadian Licensed Producer and distributor of medical cannabis operating from a state-of-the-art 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Markham, Ontario. Through over 20 ongoing investigative research initiatives, an extensive plant breeding program and regular patient monitoring and data analysis, MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous potential benefits of medical cannabis and on validating new treatment options for patients. 

MedReleaf Strains


We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, and adhere to Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes regulations. Our strains are grown hydroponically in a custom-built cutting edge facility, featuring lab-grade paneling, HEPA air filtration, and hygienic surfaces.

Broken Coast Strains


Federally licensed and regulated, CannTrust™ brings more than 40 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry and applies this expertise to produce quality pharmaceutical-grade Medical Cannabis for patients in need.

CannTrust Strains


We produce certified organic marijuana products reflective of the natural mountain landscapes and welcoming atmosphere that makes our hometown one of the top destinations in North America. Whistler is home to a culture of adventure, enjoyment and hospitality and we strive to bring that sense of quality and world-class service to everything we do.

Whistler Strains


OrganiGram is a licensed producer of organically grown medical marijuana, committed to raising the quality of life of Canadians by providing industry-leading services.OrganiGram was founded in 2013 in order to provide Canadians all across the country with reliable access to high quality medical marijuana products that they can trust.

OrganiGram Strains


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