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 - by Rebecca Kelley

Cannabis contains numerous cannabinoids that interact with your body's natural endocannabinoid system. Some of them, such as THC, induce euphoric effects in your brain and body. But cannabis isn't the only thing that brings about the "high" sensation with which we're so familiar. In fact, everything from exercise to guilty pleasure foods can deliver chemically similar sensations. We've previously written about how truffles contain a "bliss molecule" similar to THC, but here are five other things that can mimic your favorite bud to varying degrees.

ChocolateIn 1996, researchers discovered that chocolate contains anandamide, as well as two substances that could mimic anandamide's effects, N-oleoylethanolamine and N-linoleoylethanolamine (yes, those are all actual words). That's right, chocolate, the delectable treat that's allowed people to eat their feelings since 1900 BC. According to researcher Daniele Piomelli of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, the old wives' tale that chocolate is an aphrodisiac may have stemmed from the blissful effects it can deliver thanks to anandamide. 

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Patients' Voices

Medical marijuana for chronic back pain

Rachel Grimes, 31, is a Portland-based fiber artist who broke her back in a snowboarding accident in 2004. Since then, she's had 19 surgeries and procedures and lives with chronic back pain. She transitioned from nearly 50 prescription painkillers to just one muscle relaxer, natural supplements and cannabis.

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Thursday April 28th, 2016 

Pot taxes won’t go into general revenue: Bill Blair

Toronto’s former top cop turned Liberal pot czar, Bill Blair, is laying down the gauntlet on any money pot brings into federal coffers, ahead of legislation next year. “There will be a reinvestment of any revenue generated to government in helping us keep our communities safe,” Blair said in an interview with Global News. Blair said Ottawa will only use revenue from sales or excise taxes on marijuana for crime prevention, addiction treatment, prevention and education. “Those are really important investments,” he said.

USA - Walgreens Tells its Customers to Consider Medical Marijuana

Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) sent out a blast email on April 26th discussing medical cannabis.  The piece, “What is Medical Marijuana? Clarifying Clinical Cannabis“, was written by Dahlia Sultan, PharmD, Resident Pharmacist, Walgreens and the University of Illinois at Chicago. She shares basic information about medical cannabis that won’t be surprising to those who are familiar with the potential medical benefits, but it actually suggested that those wanting more information should “talk to your doctor”.
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Coming Out to Your Kids About Marijuana

As a parent, you may have been dreading the question even more than “Is Santa Claus really real?” When your little one asks, “Did you and daddy (or mommy) smoke pot?” what exactly do you say? It’s even worse when your young son or daughter inquires, in a voice of disdain, eyes blinking (oh, yuck) “Do you, like, ever use weed?” Present tense. Here and now. Truth and consequence. What do you do? Tell it like it is? Lie? Prevaricate?
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Alabama Legislature approves Leni's Law to decriminalize cannabis derivative

bill to allow people with seizure disorders or other debilitating medical conditions to use a product that comes from the same plant as marijuana was passed by the Alabama Legislature today. The bill is named after Leni Young, an Alabama child whose family moved to Oregon so she could use cannabidiol to treat severe seizures.
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Careers in marijuana: Women Grow’s Edmonton chapter is hosting its first networking event

The federal government’s marijuana legalization plan couldn’t have come at a better time—and no, this isn’t a reference to it being announced on 420 (though that’s admittedly pretty great). It’s perfect timing for Women Grow, a networking organization whose Edmonton chapter is about to host the first of many networking events for women (and men) involved in the cannabis industry.
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HEMP - BC - Comox Valley -  Sweets abound at A Chocolate Affair

Celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight with delectable chocolate creations (both savoury and sweet), music by Jenn Forsland and Wendy Nixon-Stothert, Blue Moon Winery tastings, a silent auction and more. Guests will sample a variety of lavish dishes created by talented chefs and chocolatiers from Atlas Cafe, As You Like It Catering, Cumberland Hemp Co., Dark Side Chocolates, Edible Island Whole Foods Market, Locals Restaurant, and Sweet Surprise Bakery & Cafe.
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Cannabis & Gut Health: Medical Marijuana Science 

Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist based in New Jersey. She has advanced training in functional medicine, which has her positioned her to become one of the first certified RDNs with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Boasting years of experience in food, nutrition + wellness communications, as well as in health curricula and continuing medical education development, Laura possesses a unique combination of science and communications savvy.
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Featured Licensed Producer


"CanniMed® Oils are made using only dried cannabis flowers – no leaf, trimmings or waste material is used in our production process. This industry-leading process ensures product consistency, meaning that patients can be confident that each order will be delivered with the same potency, resulting in a consistent dose." 
Below, we link to the job pages of Licensed Producers (LPs). If an LP does not have a jobs page, we link to their home page, where you can find out more information about the company and contact them. To increase your likelihood of getting hired, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the various companies that are in the space, as they each have their own unique approach and culture.






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Canadian Licensed Producers

The Licensed Producers listed below, grow and sell a wide range of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.  Please visit the product page on the Licensed Producer's website to learn more about their respective strains.  There is important and useful information about strain types and the THC & CBD levels contained within each strain.

Each particular strain has a unique combination of both THC and CBD levels (for example, high THC & low CBD, high CBD & low THC, mid THC & mid CBD, among others), which may be suitable for particular ailments. * Marijuana.Ca will soon be offering support and an online signup process to make it easier for patients to sign up with a Licensed Producer, or to switch to a different Licensed Producer.



Tweed's industry leading strain assortment and product lines are as diverse as the customers who use them. With Tweed's Flagship Strain Guarantee you get the peace of mind that your medicine will always be in stock.

Tweed Strains



At Bedrocan we have been growing cannabis for two decades. Over 20,000 patients and governments across seven countries trust our reliability and commitment to integrity. And that commitment can’t stop just with standardized products. Medicine must be affordable.

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Aurora's award winning support staff, culture minded cultivators, laboratory tested products, affordable pricing, and network of cannabis educated doctors are guaranteed to help remove barriers to access. Aurora Cannabis is a community minded, Canadian owned and operated company.

Aurora Strains


Our facility is located in Leamington, Ontario, which gives us a growing advantage in our greenhouse. As Canada’s southernmost point, Leamington has one of the longest growing seasons in the country, and is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses nationwide. Aphria is perfectly situated to provide quality natural products that benefit from the many benefits of natural light.

Aphria Strains


Mettrum™ is a Health Canada licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis products, committed to ongoing research, quality production, and superior client service. With decades of combined expertise in the agri-pharma, distribution and technology industries, Mettrum has made educating and resourcing physicians and their patients across Canada a top priority.


Mettrum Strains 



MedReleaf is a Canadian Licensed Producer and distributor of medical cannabis operating from a state-of-the-art 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Markham, Ontario. Through over 20 ongoing investigative research initiatives, an extensive plant breeding program and regular patient monitoring and data analysis, MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous potential benefits of medical cannabis and on validating new treatment options for patients. 

MedReleaf Strains


We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, and adhere to Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes regulations. Our strains are grown hydroponically in a custom-built cutting edge facility, featuring lab-grade paneling, HEPA air filtration, and hygienic surfaces.

Broken Coast Strains


Federally licensed and regulated, CannTrust™ brings more than 40 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry and applies this expertise to produce quality pharmaceutical-grade Medical Cannabis for patients in need.

CannTrust Strains


We produce certified organic marijuana products reflective of the natural mountain landscapes and welcoming atmosphere that makes our hometown one of the top destinations in North America. Whistler is home to a culture of adventure, enjoyment and hospitality and we strive to bring that sense of quality and world-class service to everything we do.

Whistler Strains


OrganiGram is a licensed producer of organically grown medical marijuana, committed to raising the quality of life of Canadians by providing industry-leading services.OrganiGram was founded in 2013 in order to provide Canadians all across the country with reliable access to high quality medical marijuana products that they can trust.

OrganiGram Strains


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