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By Robert Benzie

12 provincial departments working on Ontario’s weed strategy. There are bureaucrats from a dozen provincial departments working on a cannabis strategy that will examine the impact of legalized recreational marijuana. While medical marijuana is legal for those who have a prescription from a doctor, the storefront “dispensaries” sprouting up across Toronto are illegal and have been the targets of recent police raids. 

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government prepares to change federal laws next year, officials at Queen’s Park are looking at everything from the effects on health and road safety to justice issues and fiscal implications.  

Premier Kathleen Wynne emphasized Thursday that regulating the drug and limiting access for children and teenagers is a key concern no matter what the forthcoming federal legislation looks like. “I want there to be a controlling protocol in place. I think it is important in the same way that in Ontario we have controls on alcohol,” Wynne told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

“It’s true that within our government we are looking at — once the federal framework is in place — what would we be prepared to do as a province in terms of regulating marijuana.”The premier said she has touted the Liquor Control Board of Ontario as a mechanism to deliver recreational marijuana because the 650-store government booze monopoly has experience in this area.“I only put the LCBO forward as a possibility because it already exists, because we understand how it could regulate the substance,” she said.“But if there’s a better suggestion, we’re open to that.” 

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Marijuana.Ca comment: Retail stores primarily dedicated to recreational marijuana sales are the best approach. We are confident that private stores dedicated to marijuana sales can effectively limit sales to adults only. Allowing for private stores will ensure that prices are competitive, which is an important way to redirect sales from the black market into a regulated system. Dedicated marijuana stores with properly trained staff are better equipped to inform the public about the very large variety of strains that will be available. We predict 500 to 1000 different strains will be available during the first 2 years of marijuana legaization. Lastly, we urge all levels of government to seriously consider that a very significant percentage of Canadian Adults want to be able to purchase their marijuana in stores that are dedicated to marijuana sales, as opposed to being added on to the thousands of alcohol products sold at the LCBO. Let's get this right the first time round, also knowing that adjustments will need to be made over time.
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Patients' Voices

Marijuana Oil & Cancer...A Feel Good Story

Stan and Barb Rutner are no strangers to cancer. The married couple, both in their 70s, have run into it before. Barb battled bouts with breast cancer—twice. And about 20 years ago, Stan, a retired dentist with a thriving mini storage business, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. "I just thought I had a cold, flu, type thing. That was it . . . I wasn't thinking cancer at all," Stan recalls.

Fortunately, after treating the lymphoma for about six months, it—like Barb's successful battles with breast cancer—became a thing of the past. By 1989, it was a closed chapter. But in 2011, it came back. 

Like before, it struck Stan in the lungs first. Manifesting as a persistent cough, a doctor later revealed cancerous nodes in the lungs that were the real culprits. "Yeah, [my doctor] was really diplomatic. He says, 'You're in deep shit.' Or words to that effect," Stan recalls. "Yeah, he didn't sugar coat it at all," Barb adds. As if that wasn't enough, doctors later discovered that the cancer had metastasized to his brain.

Like before, the Rutners were able to successfully battle—and beat—Stan's cancer. But this time, after going through chemotherapy and radiation, they wanted to find a natural medicine that would improve Stan's quality of life and maybe even prolong it. Medical cannabis did all that and more, surpassing anything they could have hoped for. CULTURE spoke with Stan, Barb, their daughter Corinne and her husband John about this intense and life changing experience with cannabis.
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Friday June 24th, 2016
Business is booming for Vancouver’s illegal online marijuana dispensaries

While the battle rages over Vancouver’s storefront dispensaries, some savvy retailers are moving the business online, and taking advantage in a gap in regulations. Dozens of the online operations have sprouted up in the city, and fall outside Vancouver’s now year-old pot shop bylaw. JC says the police are aware of their operations, but have left them in peace.That’s despite offering a service which competes with the one legal avenue to buy medical pot in Canada: through the mail from one of the country’s licensed producers.

Why Marijuana Helps People With Traumatic Brain Injuries 
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) doesn't only effect ex-football players and boxers: as many as 1.4 million Americans get a TBI every year, most commonly from falls and car crashes. Of those, 235,000 patients are hospitalized; 50,000 die. Partly due to the advocacy of former NFL players, including former Baltimore Ravens lineman Eugene Monroe and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, medical marijuana is increasingly being considered to ease the symptoms of TBI.

Contrary to the dated, simplistic idea that marijuana "kills brain cells," not only is marijuana safer than opiates for relieving pain, but there's also both anecdotal and scientific evidence to suggest THC has a neuroprotective effect. In a study published in The American Surgeon of more than 400 adult TBI patients, testing positive for THC was associated with a higher rate of survival after the injury. Animal studies, too, have found that THC protects the brain post-injury.
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USA: What It Means to Reschedule Marijuana to Schedule 2

MERRY JANE breaks down the facts:
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Meet the Mad Scientists of Marijuana Oil

Genius Extraction Technologies and its massive installation of distilling tubes towered over the Cannabis World Congress expo floor. In the video above, co-founder Robert Gaither walks us through how the cannabis oil extraction process works, from its negative pressure and temperature system to cooling and filtration, evaporation, and distillation on an enterprise manufacturing scale.
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Croatia Makes Medical Marijuana History. How Did It Happen?

The ancient Romanesque village of Groznjan, Croatia, witnessed a truly historic moment on June 10: the announcement of the first-ever legal shipment of cannabis extract containing psychoactive THC (and non-psychoactive CBD) across the pond from North America to Europe. Most European countries, as well as many American states that have legalized medical cannabis in some form in recent years, have struggled to create functioning systems, and some areas around Europe don’t provide access to herbal cannabis or specific cannabinoid preparations. So how did Croatia, a small Balkan country of four million people, manage to pass legislation to allow cannabinoid therapy and enact a functional program within less than a year?

HEMP - Colorado Hemp Industry Thriving Despite Federal Prohibition

Four years ago, the people of Colorado approved Amendment 64, legalizing marijuana and hemp in the state. In just its third growing season, the hemp industry has exploded in the Centennial State, despite continuing federal prohibition. In fact, between state policy and people simply willing to defy the feds, Colorado has effectively nullified the federal hemp ban within her borders.
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Emed will be collaborating with international scientists and Jamaican universities as to the effect that the jamaica cannabis plant has on the endocannabinoid system of chronically ill patients.
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