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Marijuana.Ca Editorial

A new day has dawned in the medical marijuana space in Canada.

Authorized patients can now register with Health Canada and grow their own medical marijuana or designate someone to do so. Or, they can continue to buy their medicine from Licensed Producers. We welcome the expansion of the regulations to allow patients to have these choices.

We project, that in most cases, patients will choose to buy their medicine from Licensed Producers.

For patients who choose to grow their own or use a designated grower, they need to send the original medical document (prescription) signed by their doctor in order to grow their own or use a designated grower. We expect that a percentage of doctors will Not write a medical note if their patient tells them they want to grow their own or use a designated grower. We expect that some doctors will only be comfortable in writing a medical note when the medical marijuana has information available about the THC and CBD levels. To address this, r
egistered home growers will be able to take their medicine, for product safety testing (for a fee), to laboratories that are accredited by Health Canada. This may satisfy some doctors.

According to Lift, doctors are now explicitly allowed to split prescriptions amongst different license producers, giving patients more choice. We are waiting to hear from Lift to see the actual language in the regulations. We'll update this paragraph when we have more information.

Licensed Producers are now allowed to provide medical marijuana in a capsule form. This is beneficial for patients and for doctors who want to recommend very specific doses for their patients.

Patients are only permitted to buy seeds and plant genetics from Licensed Producers. Licensed Producers can import seeds. 

While there are important positive changes reflected in the ACMPR, there are other significant improvements that can be made to the current ACMPR. 

Marijuana.Ca supports the 5 recommendations put forth by The Arthritis Society and CFAMM, on Access, Affordability, and Research to improve patient access to medical marijuana.

Here is a synopsis:
  • Allow for a wider range of distribution options, which include on-site point-of-sale
  • Allow for legal access to a wider range of marijuana products such as tinctures, topicals, beverages and edible extracts in finished baked products
  • Removal of federal sales tax on medical marijuana
  • Health Canada should approve medical marijuana as a medicine, so that it can have an approved drug status, which can then be covered by healthcare insurance plans
  • Increase federal funding to advance medical marijuana research and development in Canada

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Patients' Voices

Nadine de Raad has lupus and rheumatoid arthritis  

She says medical marijuana is the most effective pain relief medicine with minimal side effects.

How Marijuana Helps Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which your body can’t tell the difference between viruses, germs and bacteria and your body’s own healthy tissue. This leads to your immune system creating antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue, leading to inflammation, pain and damage to body parts. Lupus is characterized by flares, where symptoms worsen, and remissions, when symptoms improve. Unlike HIV or AIDS, where the immune system is under-active, the immune system is overactive in lupus


Between 1.5 and 2 million Americans live with lupus, and most are women between the age of 15-45. The most severe cases of lupus are found in Asians and African-Americans. The most common type of lupus is system lupus erythematosus, which attacks several body organs. Drug-induced lupus is caused by using one of over 400 legal prescription drugs. Other types of lupus include cutaneous lupus, which mainly attacks skin and forms a butterfly-shaped rash across the nose, lupus nephritis, which attacks the kidneys, and neonatal lupus, which occurs in babies born to mothers with lupus.


Pain and inflammation are two major symptoms of lupus, and cannabis helps relieve both, without nasty side effects that prescription medications have. Cannabis increases levels of anti-inflammatory protein interleukin-10 and decreases the levels of pro-inflammatory protein interleukin-2. Cannabis has also been shown to suppress the immune system by activating myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). MDSCs may help dampen the hyperactive immune system found in lupus.


 Cannabis also helps treat symptoms of nausea and abdominal cramping that are often severe side effects of commonly prescribed drug for lupus, such as Plaquenil and corticosteroids.
More @ United Patients Group


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Thursday August 25th, 2016
Kincardine's 7 ACRES hybrid greenhouse marks first harvest of medical marijuana

The first harvest of medical marihuana at Kincardine's 7 ACRES hybrid greenhouse is setting the stage for what the company aims to be the largest capacity legal production facility worldwide.

Staff marked the cutting of the first medical cannabis plant during a 'stem cutting' ceremony that included a number of gardening staff and management present on Aug. 15, 2016.

All of the plants from the 16,500-square-foot 'Phase Zero' test greenhouse area are the first set of cloned strains of cannabis being dried, processed, packaged and shipped for third-party laboratory testing required by Health Canada.

About 100 grams from each of the two harvests, as well as 100 grams from each strain of cannabis, will be tested for potency, consistency, contaminants and overall quality standards set to protect what will be the future medical marihuana patients buy from the Kincardine-area greenhouse.
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Medical marijuana easier to grow at home with new rules

Despite new federal legislation making it easier for patients to grow marijuana at home, some medical specialists aren't so sure that's a good idea.

Dr. Doug Smith, a Fredericton specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, says while he's been prescribing marijuana for almost a decade and seen "quite a few remarkable stories of it being a life-changer," patients who grow their own cannabis might have less control over what they're getting.

Previously, patients looking to grow medical marijuana or get someone else to grow it for them could only get seeds and plants from Health Canada.
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How to Grow Marijuana in Your Closet, Part 2: From the Vegetative Stage to Harvest

If you joined us for Part 1 of How to Grow Cannabis in Your Closet, you learned a lot about setting up an indoor cannabis garden – from choosing your system, to germinating your seeds, to transplanting your sprouts and ensuring they receive the proper nutrients. Now that your little cannabis plants are flourishing, you want to know about helping them reach maturity – from vegetation, to cloning, to flowering, and all the way through harvest.
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Vogue Magazine : Kush Cake Pops and Cannabis Bath Bombs: This Is the Luxe Marijuana Subscription You’ve Been Dreaming Of

A new company called Au Box has introduced a monthly subscription service, available only in San Francisco at the moment, where clients with a medical marijuana license can sign up and receive a special box of cannabis products to their doorstep each month.

Jessica VerSteeg, model, former Miss Iowa, and one-time competitor on the Amazing Race, founded the company in an effort to cater to the female cannabis consumer. There are three main categories of boxes: “edibles,” “sampler,” and “intimates.” A one-month trial is $150 and subscriptions are $140 a month for three months, $120 a month for six months, and $99 a month for one year. The “sampler” includes a selection of pre-rolled joints, hash, and flowers, while the “edibles” box includes baked goods like Kush Cake Pops and Altai chocolates. In the “intimates” box, meant to stimulate some romance at home, a subscriber can receive 24-karat rolling papers, cannabis bath bombs, Foria oil, and candles. Au Box has also introduced a “man” box, which includes cannabis beard oils and salves. There’s also a beauty-specific box for women and one for pets that comes with non-psychoactive, CBD-rich (cannabidiol, which has no side effects) doggie treats, capsules, and tinctures, as well as CBD shampoos, lotions, waters, and hemp toys.
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Marley Natural cannabis brand gets approval as Santa Rosa’s first pot processor

Santa Rosa has rolled out the welcome mat to the marijuana industry, and the first firm through the door is affiliated with none other than the godfather of ganja — Bob Marley.
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HEMP - Healthy Living Makes a Difference

Hemp is a word that has been tossed around quite a bit lately in the health food industry – some might even call it a “superfood”. Authors from Manitoba Hemp Harvest have enlightened us as to what this special ingredient is and why we should consider adding it to our diets! They have provided us with the following information:
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Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Research - United Patients Group

Dr. Julie Holland, MD, speaks on Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Research at United Patients Group - The Science. The Truth. Medical Cannabis Conference at Dominican University, San Rafael, California.
Via YouTube

Featured Licensed Producer
Federally licensed and regulated, CannTrust™ brings more than 40 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry and applies this expertise to produce quality pharmaceutical-grade Medical Cannabis for patients in need.
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