What is the "Equivalency Factor"

The quantity of product other than dried marijuana (for example, fresh marijuana or cannabis oil) that is equivalent to one gram of dried marihuana ("the equivalency factor") must be determined. However, the equivalency factor depends on the production method, form of supply and the THC/CBD yield. The licensed producers will provide this information on the label. The information about the equivalency factor will also be available on the licensed producer's website.

If the patient chooses to produce cannabis themselves or to have it produced by another person, the patient and the designated person, if any, are required to manage their possession or storage limit based on the quantity of fresh marijuana, cannabis oil or other products that are equivalent to a given quantity of dried marijuana. As such, five grams of fresh marijuana is determined to be equivalent to one gram of dried marijuana and the quantity of products that is equivalent to a given quantity of dried marijuana is calculated by taking into account the weight of fresh or dried marijuana that was used to make the products. ~Health Canada

The information above can be found on the Health Canada website.



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