Canadian Licensed Producers That Grow And Sell Medical Marijuana

The Licensed Producers listed below grow and sell a wide range of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.  Please visit the product page on the Licensed Producer website to learn more about their respective product line.  There is valuable and important information about strain types and the THC & CBD levels contained within each strain.

Each particular strain has a unique combination of both THC and CBD levels (for example, high THC & low CBD, high CBD & low THC, mid THC & mid CBD, among others), which may be suitable for particular aliments.  To learn more about the Licensed Producer and the unique product lines they provide, please visit their respective home page and/or product line page listed below.



Tweed's industry leading strain assortment and product lines are as diverse as the customers who use them. With Tweed's Flagship Strain Guarantee you get the peace of mind that your medicine will always be in stock.

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At Bedrocan we have been growing cannabis for two decades. Over 20,000 patients and governments across seven countries trust our reliability and commitment to integrity. And that commitment can’t stop just with standardized products. Medicine must be affordable.

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Aurora's award winning support staff, culture minded cultivators, laboratory tested products, affordable pricing, and network of cannabis educated doctors are guaranteed to help remove barriers to access. Aurora Cannabis is a community minded, Canadian owned and operated company.

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BrokenCoast400x250v2.jpg We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, and adhere to Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes regulations. Our strains are grown hydroponically in a custom-built cutting edge facility, featuring lab-grade paneling, HEPA air filtration, and hygienic surfaces.

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