This is the lounge in one of our virtual retreat locations.
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Education & Events

Studio & Meeting Space



Scroll down this page to see screenshots
from the interactive realtime 3D working demos.
Details about the Education content
and other elements & strategies are in the works.

We want to make it clear that these spaces below
are not physical locations. They are spaces that you
will be able to explore on your computer and other devices,
including in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

You will be able to move around and interact with objects,
and view educational information 
as text, audio and video.

Alternatively, you will be able to be more passive,
and watch animated walk thrus and flythrus of the spaces,
in a more movie-like experience. 
360 : Platform Development Roadmap Overview    Alpha 1.28

Alongside of what we currently do on our website and on social media, we are building 360, an additional platform for people to learn more about Medical Marijuana and it's many facets. As well, Additional aspects of 360 will allow our viewers to enter immersive experiences that emphasize relaxation, stimulation and exploration.

1. Video & Live Virtual Events
a. Video
b. Live Events: Video Streaming, Q/A, online chat and more.
    The Live Events will be recorded for future playback.

2. Interactive 3D 
Part of this platform includes immersive and engaging realtime 3D interactive experiences. They will be available for laptops, iPads/Tablets, Apple TV and smart phones. * We have Alpha stage working demos that are very engaging.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Some of these 3D experiences and videos will be ported to VR/Virtual Reality and AR/Augmented Reality.

VR: Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard + and more
AR: Microsoft Hololens and more

Our Education Supporters get to see important milestones related to this platform before others do. They are also given priority for potential partnerships. 

- More info will be posted here soon


This is one of our virtual retreat spaces for meetings, relaxing and strategic planning. It also includes a bedroom.
In 2017, we are going to have an online event that will include an Art Show on the grounds around the retreat.
You will be able to walk inside the retreat space and walk outside and explore the art that will be positioned on the grass and in the forest. 

Meeting room for seminars and product launches.
Includes a kitchen and eating area. 

Live in studio for researchers, artists and strategic planning.
It can also be used for product announcements and display. 

Living room for conversations, seminars and product display and launches