The image above is one of a number of early stage room designs for our museum.
It is a screenshot from the Ancient Greece area in our interactive demo prototype.
Cannabis was used medicinally in Ancient Greece.
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The Museum of Cannabis

The Museum of Marijuana


The Present

The Future

The Past 

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from sketches & interactive realtime 3D working demos.

We want to emphasize that these spaces below
are not physical locations. They are spaces that you
will be able to explore on your computer and other devices,
including in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

You will be able to move around and interact with objects,
and view educational information 
as text, audio and video.

Alternatively, you will be able to be more passive,
and watch animated walk thrus and flythrus of the spaces,
in a more movie-like experience. 
360 : Museum Development Roadmap Overview    Alpha 1.02

Our museum will an online and app experience. Our upcoming website will be an archive related to the history of Cannabis/Marijuana and delve into contemporary issues.

1. History

2. Interactive 3D 
Part of this platform includes immersive and engaging realtime 3D interactive experiences. They will be available for laptops, iPads/Tablets, Apple TV and smart phones. * We have Alpha stage working demos that are very engaging.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Some of these 3D experiences and videos will be ported to VR/Virtual Reality and AR/Augmented Reality.

VR: Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard + and more
AR: Microsoft Hololens and more

Our Education Supporters get to see important milestones related to this platform before others do. They are also given priority for potential partnerships. 


The Museum of Cannabis

Early stage 3d model sketch of the inside of the main area of the museum.
We will look at various architectural designs before we finalize our decision.

Legalization: The Present & The Future
An immersive space sketch that represents retail design trends in US States where Marijuana is Legal.
The marijuana stigma is dropping away, leaving room for comfortable and engaging design.
One could also interpret the setting above as someone's living room.
Legal Home delivery is already occurring in the USA.

Criminalization: Putting People In Jail for Growing or Selling Marijuana

The image above is a photograph.
Our Museum will create an interactive immersive 3D prison.
Viewers will be able to move around the space. 

The Prohibition - Canada & The USA - Early 1900's to 2017 

Image above is an immersive 3d museum space that recreates the 1920's and 1930's in Canada and the USA.
This was when the Prohibition was enacted by both governments.
We have a working prototype of the scene above that viewers can explore.
It is an alleyway.
We are considering creating a series of posters that will be posted along the the walls.
The posters will depict a chronological timeline of historic events. 

Ancient Greece

We will create various rooms displaying various artifacts from different civilizations that used cannabis.
India, China, Europe and more.

In some cases, we will recreate immersive scenes from those cultures.

Sketch of our museum lounge and restaurant.