The image above is one of a number of early stage room designs for our museum.
It is a screenshot from the Ancient Greece area in our interactive demo prototype.
Cannabis was used medicinally in Ancient Greece.
As the museum project evolves, we will use more realistic looking models of marijuana plants.
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The Museum of Cannabis

The Museum of Marijuana


The Present

The Future

The Past 

Scroll down this page to see screenshots
from sketches & interactive realtime 3D working demos.

We want to emphasize that these spaces below
are not physical locations. They are spaces that you
will be able to explore on your computer and other devices,
including in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

You will be able to move around and interact with objects,
and view educational information 
as text, audio and video.

As well, you will also have the choice to watch
animated walk thrus and flythrus of the spaces,
in a more movie-like linear experience. 
Museum Dev Overview    Alpha 1.02

Our museum will an online and app experience. Our upcoming museum website will be an archive related to the history of Cannabis/Marijuana and delve into contemporary issues.

Our museum app will be a fully immersive experience inside a beautiful virtual museum building. (You can see a screenshot of a prototype of the main hall of our museum when you scroll down this page.) You will be able to walk around the museum and experience it in a similar way as you would if you were in a traditional brick and mortar museum.

Dioramas - Travel back in time
We are also in the midst of early stage prototyping of realtime immersive 'dioramas' that represent events or time periods. There is a long tradition of museums re-creating full size 3d models of certain time periods, to create a sense of awe for the museum visitor. We plan to do this, and extend the idea into something that is even more immersive than the traditional museum diorama. When you scroll further down this page, you will see a screenshot titled, The Prohibition. This interactive space will take you back in time to the 1920's and 1930's.... finish this, josh.

1. History - Marijuana has been part of human culture for 10,000 years
From then, til now.
Part of our mandate will be to explore the history and importance of the underground marijuana movement that has existed in Canada and the USA since the mid 20th century. From the swashbucklers and the innovative helicopter flying smugglers to the off the grid growers that supplied medical marijuana to patients, taking great risks in doing so, and with some spending many years in jail.
Josh: expand on this.

2. Interactive 3D 
The museum includes immersive and engaging realtime 3D interactive experiences. They will be available for laptops, iPads/Tablets, Apple TV and smart phones. * We have Alpha stage working demos that are very engaging.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Some of these 3D experiences and videos will be ported to VR/Virtual Reality and AR/Augmented Reality.

VR: Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard + and more
AR: Microsoft Hololens and more

Our Education Supporters get to see important milestones related to this platform before others do. They are also given priority for potential partnerships. 


The Museum of Cannabis

Early stage 3d model sketch of the inside of the main area of the museum.
We will look at various architectural designs before we finalize our decision.

Medical and Recreational Legalization: The Present & The Future
Canada - USA - Global

An immersive 3d space sketch that represents the powerful and positive impact of Legalization.

No need to meet marijuana dealers in parking lots,
as legal and tested Marijuana is now delivered to your home in Canada and in parts of the USA.

As the Prohibition continues to collapse, mainstream society begins to discover
that marijuana is used as medicine and recreationally by a wide range of our friends and families.

While many prejudices still remain, the overall stigma is beginning to lessen.

Criminalization: Putting People In Jail for Growing or Selling or Possessing Marijuana

The image above is a photograph.
Our Museum will create an interactive immersive 3D prison.

Viewers will be able to move around the space and learn more
about the devastating impact that prison or criminal records can have on citizens
who have been convicted or marijuana related 'crimes'. 

The Prohibition - Canada & The USA - Early 1900's to 2017 

Image above is an immersive 3d museum space that recreates the 1920's and 1930's in Canada and the USA.
This was when the Prohibition was enacted by both governments.
We have a working prototype of the scene above that viewers can explore.
It is an alleyway.
We are considering creating a series of posters that will be posted along the the walls.
The posters will depict a chronological timeline of historic events. 

Ancient Greece

We will create various rooms displaying various artifacts from different civilizations that used cannabis.
India, China, Europe and more.

In some cases, we will recreate immersive scenes from those cultures.

Sketch of our museum lounge and restaurant.