Early stage design of one of our virtual seminar spaces in our Education Centre.
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Education Centre




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from the interactive realtime 3D working demos.
Details about the Education content
and other elements & strategies are in the works.

We want to make it clear that these spaces below
are not physical locations. They are spaces that you
will be able to explore on your computer and other devices,
including in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

You will be able to move around and interact with objects,
and view educational information 
as text, audio and video.

Alternatively, you will be able to be more passive,
and watch animated walk thrus and flythrus of the spaces,
in a more movie-like experience. 
420 : Education Centre Overview

The Marijuana.Ca Education Centre will be a place to learn about various aspects of this incredible plant.

Our flagship education experience is our Cannabinoids VR platform.
You can find out more information about it in the menu bar above.

It's important to note that the knowledge base related to marijuana is vast. Our initial goal is to highlight key aspects that we will gleen from this expanding knowledge base.

We will examine he science, the politics, the industry, and the impact on patients and consumers.

Education Centre

Our Education Centre will be a combination of website, videos, a series of apps,
and a very immersive and dynamic VR/AR experience.


An interactive 3d model of THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol
We will use realtime interactive models of THC, CBD, CBG
and other compounds, in order to further understanding about marijuana.



Interactive 3d model of part of the neuron network in a human brain.

Our Cannabinoids VR platform will demonstrate and explore
the relationship between marijuana, cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system.
It will be useful for patients, the public, doctors and researchers.



One of our virtual learning spaces


 Our Education Centre is located on 420 acres of virtual land.
The virtual land will look and feel like Ontario.