By Marijuana.Ca Staff on September 8, 2016
Aphria Partners With International Consumer Lifestyle Brand Tokyo Smoke

This inspired partnerships allows Aphria to ship Tokyo Smoke branded cannabis across Canada to registered medical marijuana patients by the year's end. Tokyo Smoke worked closely with Aphria to handpick four strains which Aphria will grow at it's licensed facility in Leamington, Ontario.

"Aphria is one of the most trusted producers of medical cannabis, and this partnership with Tokyo Smoke affirms our commitment to expand and diversify our product offering and market channels," said Vic Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer of Aphria. "When cannabis is legalized for recreational use in Canada, a strong brand will be one of the key differentiators for patients and consumers, and we're committed to working with Tokyo Smoke to be the first premium cannabis brand in Canada."

"Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning lifestyle brand that brings sophistication and design to coffee, clothing and cannabis. Each vertical of the brand is designed around four emotive states, which tie together the coffee, cannabis strains, and clothing. Tokyo Smoke worked alongside of Aphria to handpick its strain offerings and Aphria will grow and prepare Tokyo Smoke's four proprietary cannabis experiences at its licensed facility in Leamington, Ontario.

Tokyo Smoke says each of the four strains are based on the following emotive states:

Go - an energizing, awakening sativa;
Relax - an easing indica;
Relief - a soothing cannabidiol;
Balance - a blissful, even hybrid.

For more information, sign up at www.tokyosmoke.com to be notified when the new cannabis brand launches and becomes available to consumers.

Marijuana.Ca Comment: This partnership is indicative of the major changes coming to Canada when marijuana is legalized. We are moving away from the serious failures and harms of the Prohibition towards a more enlightened perspective based on progressive and intelligent ideas related to personal liberty.