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Based in British Columbia and federally licensed under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), we cultivate high-quality, regulated medical cannabis using proven and standardized growing methods while applying our research capabilities to discover potential medicinal benefits of cannabis for the future.

At Bedrocan we have been growing cannabis for two decades. Over 20,000 patients and governments across seven countries trust our reliability and commitment to integrity. And that commitment can’t stop just with standardized products. Medicine must be affordable.
Federally licensed and regulated, CannTrust™ brings more than 40 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry and applies this expertise to produce quality pharmaceutical-grade Medical Cannabis for patients in need.
Canna Farms is a Health Canada Licensed Producer of high-quality cannabis products under the MMPR. Canna Farms was the first LP in British Columbia to receive a MMPR license, and since then our dedicated and talented team has been working hard to provide our patients with exceptional cannabis products at an affordable price.
"Hydropothecary is unique in Canada for offering simply the best customer service available. Our concierge service is all about the client, from our free next day, evening and Saturday courier delivery and discreet, masked return address to a live 24/7 support line, no minimum orders or contract and guaranteed supply.

We have incorporated knowledge from processes used in the horticultural and food industries, along with available research data, and applied them to all steps in our process from cultivation to harvest, drying, sterilisation, testing, and packaging.We gather and closely monitor large amounts of data during the production process. This enables us to react to live data in real-time and ensure consistency of the product." 

"The Peace Naturals Project is a socially responsible company based on principles of integrity, transparency, security, compliance and environmental sustainability. We are the first non-incumbent applicant to be granted a license under Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) and the first company licensed to retail medicinal Cannabis oils.

We offer a range of therapeutic medicinal Cannabis varieties and Whole Flower cold-water extract Cannabis oils. Our therapeutic Cannabis strains are grown using natural production methods and our premium extracts contain no harmful solvents or byproducts.

At Peace Naturals we believe strongly in the notion of Whole Health living as a method of improving our clients’ overall wellbeing. This approach incorporates diet, lifestyle, wellness professionals and medicinal Cannabis as an adjunct therapy.

We understand that each client has a unique condition requiring their own specific level of support. Our dedication to our clients’ health includes providing them with informed, compassionate and reliable Client Care."

More @ Peace Naturals website




Nature Balanced Technology

Situated in Napanee, Ontario, ABcann’s belief is that clients deserve access to standardized medical cannabis that contributes to a balanced lifestyle. Our flagship facility contains exclusive plant growing technology combining together the concepts, systems and components to formulate a pharmaceutical grade, plant based medicine through standardization. This allows us to successfully deliver quality products that are reliable, consistent, organically grown, and accessible to everyone.
More @ ABcann website


"We produce certified organic marijuana products reflective of the natural mountain landscapes and welcoming atmosphere that makes our hometown one of the top destinations in North America. Whistler is home to a culture of adventure, enjoyment and hospitality and we strive to bring that sense of quality and world-class service to everything we do." 


"MedReleaf is a Canadian Licensed Producer and distributor of medical cannabis operating from a state-of-the-art 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Markham, Ontario. Through over 20 ongoing investigative research initiatives, an extensive plant breeding program and regular patient monitoring and data analysis, MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous potential benefits of medical cannabis and on validating new treatment options for patients." 
More @ MedReleaf's website


Delta 9 Bio-Tech is committed to creating and producing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products with sustainable and standardized production practices. We will strive to provide our clients with friendly customer service, ongoing educational materials, fast delivery and a compassionate care program.
More @ Delta 9's website







Cannabis Oil Production License Granted to THC BioMed

Vancouver, B.C. – (May 24, 2016) THC BioMed Intl. Ltd. is pleased to announce that our wholly – owned subsidiary, THC BioMed Ltd. has been granted authorization by Health Canada to produce fresh marijuana, Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Resin.

This license allows us to formulate, prepare and present our products. Team THC will work diligently to bring the highest quality products to market within the shortest time frame possible. Products can only be released for sale once Health Canada has granted a sale amendment to its License.

more @ THC BioMed's Oils page



Canna Farms is pleased to announce our new line of fully-decarboxylated Cannabis Oils!

Based on client feedback and our own research, we are initially offering the following product our clients in 25 and 50 mL containers, outfitted with a child-proof eye-dropper for discrete, standardized dosing:

  1. CANNA OIL 20|0 - This is our THC infused oil with approximately 20 mg of THC in every mL
  2. CANNA OIL 2|10 - This is our CBD infused oil with approximately 10 mg of CBD and 2 mg THC in every mL

In the coming weeks and months we will be releasing other oil formulations with varying levels of THC and CBD, based on client feedback and our own research and development. Stay tuned!
more @ CannFarm's Oils page


"CanniMed® Oils are made using only dried cannabis flowers – no leaf, trimmings or waste material is used in our production process. This industry-leading process ensures product consistency, meaning that patients can be confident that each order will be delivered with the same potency, resulting in a consistent dose." 

"Canada's first and only organic cannabis oils" 

"Mettrum™ is a Health Canada licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis products, committed to ongoing research, quality production, and superior client service. With decades of combined expertise in the agri-pharma, distribution and technology industries, Mettrum has made educating and resourcing physicians and their patients across Canada a top priority." 

Canada - 100 News Jobs : New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant embraces marijuana industry jobs at OrganiGram

NPremier Brian Gallant announced almost $1 million in potential funding for a medical marijuana company, OrganiGram, that aims to tap into the recreational market if Ottawa decriminalizes the drug as expected. The company plans to create 113 jobs in an expansion. Gallant's government said it will give a payroll rebate of up to $8,761 for each job, up to $990,000. 



The Power of Natural Sunlight

"Our facility is located in Leamington, Ontario, which gives us a growing advantage in our greenhouse. As Canada’s southernmost point, Leamington has one of the longest growing seasons in the country, and is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses nationwide. Aphria is perfectly situated to provide quality natural products that benefit from the many benefits of natural light."

more @ the Aphria website

Featured Licensed Producer


Supreme Obtains MMPR License to Cultivate Medical Marijuana. 

> Press Release: Marketwired

Featured Licensed Producer


Tweed is now selling their Medicinal Marijuana Oils. 

Very good news for patients that another LP is now selling oil.
It's available on their online store.
> more info @ Tweed's cannabis oil information page



Exclusive tour of CannTrust - Pesticide-Free Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility in Canada. Filmed by GGS Greenhouse.
> via YouTube


Canada - Mettrum Receives Health Canada License to Sell Marijuana Extracts. 

From the Mettrum press release: Mettrum is the second company in the industry to have been awarded a license for the production and sale of cannabis extracts."Securing this license is a continuation of our strategy of providing cannabis products, in a variety of formats. Our clients will be able to rely upon a selection of cannabis oils representing each band of the Mettrum Spectrum including our CBD strains. Cannabis extracts provide a level of standardization that cannot be achieved in the flower form, and in some cases, it is a more convenient consumption method," said Michael Haines, Chief Executive Officer of Mettrum. "We are very excited about this new phase for the industry and we look forward to continuing our role as a market leader, and provider, of high quality, cannabis products." 
> more @ digital journal


Legalization is coming to Canada. 

Canada - 'World is going to be looking to Canada' on pot legalization, says Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott.

The Federal health minister says conversations with her own kids convinced her changes are required. Philpott, a family doctor, has four children, including one who is a teenager. She said she tries to have open conversations with all of them about a range of health issues, including marijuana. Those conversations have convinced her the current system of prohibition and criminalization is not working. She will meet with all provincial premiers in January 2016, and Marijuana legalization is part of her agenda.

> more @ cbc.ca


CannTrust. Canadian company's medicinal marijuana-infused coffee pods ready for brewing


There may soon be a new use for your Keurig coffee maker — brewing pot. Canadian medical cannabis producer CannTrust has created a single-serve marijuana pod called the CANNCUP. Like other pods on the market, the CANNCUP will contain your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. But these capsules will have a little extra something — dried cannabis.
> more @ cbc.ca

Licensed Grower info - Planning For Recreational Marijuana


Canada - Manitoba - This week, Premier Greg Selinger indicated Liquor and Lotteries, which looks after the sale of alcohol, and the Liquor and Gaming Authority, which regulates liquor, "will be well positioned to regulate the sale and distribution of marijuana in a safe and socially responsible manner" in his speech from the throne. 

The CEO of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, John Stinson, said his agency will meet with jurisdictions that have already legalized marijuana this winter, such as Colorado, to learn of the "pitfalls" of selling pot legally. Crown corporations in Manitoba have begun research to prepare for the sale, distribution and regulation of marijuana, now that pot legalization in Canada looks inevitable. 
> more @ cbc.ca

Canada’s growing number of marijuana greenhouses

A growing number of cannabis producers in Canada are using greenhouse space for a lower operating cost and a smaller carbon footprint. While the majority of licensed producers in Canada grow cannabis in an indoor setting, there are a growing number of secure greenhouses of all sizes being approved for production under the MMPR. Currently 5 of the 20 producers licensed to sell cannabis for medical purposes are growing ‘under glass’, as are several others at various stages of the Levantine application process. 
> more @ Lift Cannabis

Canada - Legalization will have a profound effect on Licensed Growers

How marijuana legalization could change Canada.
CBC report. David Common and Wendy Mesley.
> via YouTube

Canada - Tweed gets their license to produce Medicinal Marijuana oil


"We are pleased to announce to our customers that we have received authorization from Health Canada to begin the production of cannabis extracts. Tweed will use preeminent pharmaceutical grade extraction methods to produce purified cannabis derivatives."
> more @ Tweed.com

Canada - Chuck Rifici joins board of western medical marijuana producer

Vancouver-based Aurora Cannabis announced on Monday that Chuck Rifici will be joining its board of directors. 
> more @ obj.ca

Canada - Mark Zekulin CFRA audio interview

Mark is the president of Tweed, a Canadian medicinal marijuana licensed producer.
> audio link

Canada Approves Marijuana Oil Production by Licensed Producers—With Restrictions

Health Canada recently announced an exemption to current cannabis regulations to allow Canadian licensed producers to make oils for medical marijuana patients. While industry members agree the action is a move in the right direction, some advocates have said the new rule is not without flaws.> more @ MJINews

Canada - A visit to British Columbia’s Canna Farms

Late this spring, Lift had a chance to visit Canna Farms’ medical cannabis facility in Hope, British Columbia. Nestled up against the Coastal and Cascade mountains in the Eastern Fraser Valley, the facility currently covers a little over 7,000 sq ft, with room for expansion over time.> more @ Lift

> Canada - Interview with Denis Arsenault of Organigram Inc. 
via YouTube

Canada - Quebec - Hydropothecary set to launch medical marijuana facility that will ship pot across the country.Sebastien St-Louis and Adam Miron, both 31, are brothers-in-law and co-founders of the Hydropothecary -- a facility that will soon distribute medical marijuana throughout Canada.

> more @ Ottawa Sun 

> Canada - Aphria Medical Marijuana to double the size of it's Leamington Ontario operation
- via CBC

> Canada - Bedrocan takes the ALS Bucket Challenge
- via YouTube

> Tweed. Inside the Cannabis Factory - New York Times. From May, 2014
- via YouTube

The Medicine Fund

Marijuana.Ca is establishing The Medicine Fund to support patients in financial need and to fund research.