Welcome to Marijuana.Ca’s business section.  More information about new features will be posted here as they become available.  This is the beta launch of our Canadian marijuana business directory.    We will be adding more companies, organizations and government agencies that are related to the various facets of the marijuana industry and ecosystem.  Our American marijuana business directory will be launched in the next few months.  Our international marijuana business directory will be launched after that.

If you want to be listed in our Business Directory or become an Education Supporter, please use the contact form further down this page.

Search Tips
The Search Bar in our directory works in realtime.  You can search for companies or by category.  For example, start typing the word grow, and it will bring up our grow equipment section and companies that have the word grow in their name.

Category Tips
You can use your mouse or finger (iPad or phones) to move the categories row left and right;  just click directly onto one of the category buttons before you start moving left or right. Or use the arrows.

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