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Details about the Education content
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We want to make it clear that the Phase 2 spaces you see are not physical locations. They are spaces you will be able to explore on your computer & other devices, including in Virtual & Augmented Reality.

You will be able to move around and interact with objects, and view educational information 
as text, audio and video.

As well, you will also have the choice to watch animated walk thrus and flythrus of the spaces, in a more movie-like linear experience. 


Phase 2 : Overview : Feb 19, 2017 : Rough Draft 1.434

Phase 2 consists of the projects on the left side of this page.
They can also be found on the 2nd row of the menu bar.

Alongside of what we currently do on our website and on social media, we are building Phase 2, an integrated platform for people to learn about various aspects of the marijuana space, including it's implications in the medical realm. Our early stage desktop demo app is coming along nicely, and we've begun to do some preliminary design testing on an iPad.

Our Expo will be our initial flagship app & experience in Phase 2.

Cannabinoid VR, Grow VR and our Art Gallery will be part of our Expo launch. Our Museum will be connected to the Expo.

Phase 2 utilizes state of the art tools and systems, coupled with knowledge, passion, exuberance and boldness, to create a wide array of highly engaging realtime 3D interactive app experiences related to multiple aspects of the marijuana space. Our apps will work on smart phones, tablets, desktops and in Virtual and Augmented Reality. We are big fans of all of those screen types. As well, when implemented effectively, we think that Virtual and Augmented Reality are transformative and revolutionary screen experiences that will impact many facets of society.

In addition, our Therapeutic & Experience apps will allow our viewers to enter immersive experiences that emphasize relaxation, stimulation, healing and exploration.

* We are aware that there is quite a bit of information and imagery in the various sections related to Phase 2. Soon we will be updating all areas of our Phase 2 info section so the concepts are explained more clearly and succinctly. Some of the more lengthy explanations and technical information will be improved so they are more coherent, and moved to sub pages in our More section, for people who want to drill down further into the more granular aspects of Phase 2. This update should be completed by early March 2017.

In the spring or summer of 2017, we will be releasing our early dev stage realtime interactive 3D demo prototype. We will also release a series of videos that will demonstrate our commitment to simplicity, engagement, learning, and a visually pleasing aesthetic that is immersive. 

As the fundamentals of each project move forward, we will then prioritize which projects will launch first. At this point, a significant amount of our energy is being focused on our Expo, App, Cannabinoid VR, Grow VR and our Art Gallery.

If you like our vision and want to support it, here's 3 ways you can:
1. Tell others about what we are doing.
2. Become an Education Supporter. We acknowledge our Education Supporters in various ways across our website and projects. Please contact us if you would like more information about our Education Supporter initiative. Our Education Supporter packages start at $100 per year.
3. Connect with us and give us feedback about Marijuana.Ca. We are deeply passionate and committed to the marijuana/cannabis space.

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The overviews associated with Phase 2 and each project are currently rough drafts. They may contain typos, raw concepts and sentences that fall off cliffs. The documentation will be polished over time. We welcome your feedback and input. The future is bright. - Marijuana.Ca  

Multi Media:
1. Video
A. Video: We will be creating a series of videos that will portray our educational, research and exploratory content.
B. Live Events: Video Streaming, Q/A & online chat.
The Live Events will be recorded for future playback.
The videos will be available on their own or within some of the Phase 2 elements.

2. Mixed Media
We will use text, images, audio and video, either separately, or in tandem, to communicate the various subjects we are focusing on. 

3. Interactive 3D 
Part of this platform includes immersive and engaging realtime 3D interactive experiences. They will be available for laptops, iPads/Tablets, XBOX, PlayStation, Apple TV, Smart Phones & more.
* We have Alpha stage working demos that are very engaging.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Some of these 3D experiences and videos will be ported to VR/Virtual Reality and AR/Augmented Reality.

VR: Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard and more
AR: Microsoft Hololens and more

Core elements of Phase 2 are licensed from Swerve.

Our Education Supporters get to see important milestones related to this platform before their public release. Education Supporters are also given priority for potential partnerships. We highlight our Education Supporters in various sections of Marijuana.Ca. More details about the process of becoming an Education Supporter will be posted here soon. 

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