Whistler Medical Marijuana

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Licensed By Health Canada To Produce Dried Marijuana, Fresh Marijuana and Cannabis Oil.

We produce certified organic marijuana products reflective of the natural mountain landscapes and welcoming atmosphere that makes our hometown one of the top destinations in North America. Whistler is home to a culture of adventure, enjoyment and hospitality and we strive to bring that sense of quality and world-class service to everything we do.

Locally owned and operated, Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation produces high quality non-irradiated and non-milled crops of medical marijuana grown organically in real soil using glacier-fed river water and passionate attention to detail.

WMMC is committed to growing our production capacity to ensure that our members always have access to our certified organic cannabis products. The first stage of our facility expansion is now complete. Our increased production capacity can now support an additional 1800 patients.

WMMC is committed to ensuring a consistent supply of certified organic medical cannabis for our members and will expand again in 2016 to meet growing demand.

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Website:  WhistlerMedicalMarijuana.com