• 1994

Introducing True Compassionate Pricing

At Bedrocan we have been growing cannabis for two decades. Over 20,000 patients and governments across seven countries trust our reliability and commitment to integrity. And that commitment can’t stop just with standardized products. Medicine must be affordable.

We are working hard to advocate for universal and tax-free coverage of medicinal cannabis in Canada. But affordability cannot wait. Through years of refining our growing processes, we have established best-in-class production methods that allow us to produce a premium product efficiently. Today we use this experience to make our medical cannabis affordable for Canadian patients.

True Compassionate Pricing covers all of our varieties for all of our clients.

  • High quality standardized whole flower products.
  • Curated varieties.
  • Relied on worldwide.
  • Refined over two decades.
  • Always in stock.

Now affordable for all Canadians. That is True Compassionate Pricing.

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