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At ABcann, we have invested in the technology and developed the methodologies that will allow us to achieve the highest level of standardization of medical cannabis during its cultivation and processing.

Through implementing state-of-the-art growth chambers, processing technology and control systems, ABcann has been able to build a modular, scalable facility that allows for control of every variable in the production process. Environmental parameters can be skillfully manipulated to ensure each plant strain is able to grow and mature the same way every time, batch to batch.

Using this technology in conjunction with independent 3rd party testing, ABcann is able to guarantee a repeatable product every time.

ABcann defines standardization as the ability to produce Medical Cannabis with consistent Cannabinoids inclusive of THC and CBD, repeatedly . When you buy from ABcann, you will receive a consistent product every time.  This is our standardization promise to our clients!

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